The Diary of the Remote RV investor – Episode 132

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Blog

What do you get when you put 50+ old school video games into a vacant building and charge admission?  

A solid business model!

We were staying in Monroe and looking for something to do for date night.  So we do like we usually do,  act like a tourist.  We came across the let’s play Cafe,  They charge a flat fee and you can stay as long as you want during business hours. 

They have all the best games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, centipede and Mrs PacMan,  lots of fighting games,  pole position and motorcycle games,  shooter games,  star wars, several Pinball machines, and even some new ones. 

Some games I won some games Kurt won,  but it was still great fun.  We aren’t the gamers of today but remember when we used to go to the pizza parlor and play head to head Mrs Pacman or asteroids. 

Anytime we can find something fun that reminds us of past good times, it’s a good date.  The past should not be ignored or forgotten and in our relationships it should be remembered to enjoy both the old and new adventures together.  Often times in today’s busyness we don’t take the time to remember. 

What adventures did you enjoy with your significant other?

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