Empowher Capital Fund

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Investment Profile

Empowher Capital Fund is excited to present our latest Oil & Gas Fund, Empowher Energy Growth Fund, a 506c offering. This fund has been meticulously crafted to acquire diversified holdings of Non-Operating Working Interests & Overriding Royalty Interests in middle-market opportunities, focusing on PDP & PUD, and partnering with established operators in proven basins.

Our strategic approach involves acquiring existing, producing assets (PDP) with additional upside potential through “infill” drilling in proven oil & natural gas reserves (PUD). We collaborate with well-established operators, including some of the largest in the industry (e.g., Marathon, Chesapeake, Devon, etc.).

Private equity funding in the oil & gas sector has witnessed a significant decline in recent years, resulting in a funding gap for new drilling projects. Noteworthy investors, such as Warren Buffett, are capitalizing on these opportunities. The current market conditions allow for prudent acquisitions of existing production at attractive values, without overpaying for the drilling upside.


  • Projected Net IRR: 25-30%
  • Equity Multiple: 4.0-7.0x
  • Leverage Ratio: 25-30%
  • Price Hedging: Partial to cover debt service
  • Active Tax Losses: Yes
  • Opportunity exclusively for accredited investors

Investment framework

  • 1-Year deployment period, subject to extension.
  • Subscriptions accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • In the first Fund year, we plan to reinvest 100% of profits into new drilling programs to compound returns.
  • Distributions are targeted to commence in Year 2 and grow over the Fund’s lifespan.

Key Reasons to Invest


Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned sponsorship team and partners, boasting a collective 40 years of hands-on experience in operating and engineering oil & gas assets, supported by a proven 5-project track record.


Leverage our strategic position with the target fund size and capitalize on opportunities in the middle market. With a scarcity of capital market activity, we position ourselves to participate in larger assets within proven basins alongside major operators.


Our fund strategy intricately combines a concentrated approach to acquiring existing, profitable assets at attractive values, while strategically unlocking additional upside potential through targeted drilling initiatives. This dual focus aims to deliver a compelling mix of regular distributions and reinvestments, compounding returns for our investors.


Unlock a range of advantageous tax benefits, including Intangible Drilling Costs, Depletion & Depreciation. Investors also enjoy the flexibility to choose between investing as a General Partner (GP) or Limited Partner (LP), tailoring the investment approach to their specific financial goals.


Position yourself in a market characterized by lower global inventories and limited domestic investment in production. Coupled with robust projected demand for fossil fuels, these dynamics create potentially favorable economic fundamentals for our investment strategy.


Experience an unparalleled alignment of interests as Aspen Funds and Co-sponsor management teams personally invest in this Fund as limited partners. This commitment reinforces our dedication to shared success and underscores our confidence in the investment’s potential.