The Diary of the Remote RV Investor – Episode 131

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Blog

While Christmas traditions vary around the globe some remain the same. Decorating gingerbread houses is one of them.  I never understood all the time and effort folks put into it only to be able to look at it,  never eat it,  and ultimately throw it away.  At least decorating cookies made sense to me because then you got to eat the fruit of your spoils.

With gingerbread houses,  I love gingerbread,  and it feels wrong to not be able to eat it.  Until you taste some of the store bought stuff,  it’s awful 😖 

Many folks feel gingerbread houses need to have a certain look to them.  Then they hold these gingerbread decorating contests and originality almost always wins.  It’s as if the message is we think the house should look like this,  but in the end creativity wins. Since many of you already know,  I don’t color well inside the lines, when I was in a decorating contest with some of my ladies from church.  The only rules I was given,  was use what is provided on the tables and you have 1 hour. 

So I quickly surveyed my workspace,  materials available,  and figured my time. I’m a real estate investor I redesign houses for a living people.  I quickly decided that it  was all about the curb appeal and since the houses were prestamped, I knew the rule followers were simply going to enhance those designs. So I spent little time on that and dove into originality. While everyone else was looking at each other to see how to get the frosting which was not the right consistency to work,  I was building a fish pond complete with fish and bear. A front and back yard with sculptured walk way and manicured beds. Then made sure the warmth radiating through the windows was in place. 

You can see by my picture,  that it was not perfect,  just original and creative so it appealed to the judges.  I won 1st place. 

No surprise to the judges the real estate mogul took 1st, but definitely a surprise to the rule followers who had beautiful works of art,  but no appeal. Sometimes life is about what we make of it and nothing about what society says about it.

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