The Diary of the  Remote RV Investor– episode 127

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Blog

Many folks when I tell them that we live full time in our RV, immediately think we are out in the wilderness somewhere all by ourselves.  They are filtering it through what they know of camping and/ or what they typically do when camping.  

Often times folks go camping to escape from the craziness of life and schedules and such and so they are going where cell phones don’t work and they can have time alone with their family or friends.  We are choosing to live full time in our RV as a lifestyle.  

You see, it gives us so much more freedom.  We don’t have yard work to take care of,  often we have fixed monthly utility bills,  we can wake up every morning surrounded by mountains or on the beach,  we can leave if we have terrible neighbors although that has never happened,  we get to meet new neighbors from all over the country,  we are forced to not become hoarders, if we don’t like the weather in a certain area we can just leave,  and so much more.  Yes we still have challenges of homeownership like instead of yard work we have rv maintenance.  We still have big expenses to plan for like oil changes and tire replacements,  or repairs when things break. So in some areas we are simply trading one for another. 

But being able to meet so many amazing people and forge new relationships has far been the best for me.  One of the ways I’m intentional about staying connected and making sure Iron sharpeneth iron is by joining mastermind groups. 

One of my groups is the KREI. The founder Ellis Hammond was willing to let me be the 1st woman into their group and it has been all downhill from there.  We celebrate collaboration there and every year I receive another 1-2 awards for different deals and partnerships we’ve done together. 

This first picture is from our oil and gas team.  I’ve been working with aspen funds for 2 years watching and waiting to make sure and gain knowledge so that when we launch into that income stream,  we would be with top partners who are focused on the kingdom of Christ and have a high level of integrity.  

The 2nd pic is from fantastic missionaries from England who are using real estate to keep the ministry funded.  Wow the great things I learned from them are truly gold nuggets!

But I wouldn’t have met any of them if I wasn’t being intentional. Us living in our RV is being very intentional. While the reasons may not make sense to a lot of folks,  it absolutely does to us and isn’t that what matters? 

Life should not always be about being comfortable, for it is when we are uncomfortable that growth happens. To everything there is a season.  What season are you in now? Is it time for a change?

Until the next adventure…

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