How to Compete With the Cash Homebuyer?

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

Pandemic has given a big jolt to the best the best plans of home buyers and sellers. Though after a few months of lull, since the pandemic started, buying activity has picked up and showing all the signs of pre-pandemic boom but it is the sellers, still scared of coming out, open the doors of their homes to show to the prospective.

This reluctance on the part of sellers has contracted the inventory and the houses that are available are being lapped by an eager and large buyer base. Buyers are going all out to bid for the houses, opening their coffers and offering an all cash deal.

An all cash deal is too mouth watering for a seller and they generally prefer such buyers.

Most of the buyers, due to pandemic, lack this kind of financial muscle to be able to offer a cash deal. They are finding themselves loosing out on this hectic bidding and are now a little hesitant and low on confidence in entering the fray.

Though cash buyers do present a big challenge, but this does not mean that it is a totally lost battle for the non-cash buyers. They can still win the battle by being adequately prepared and be a little creative with their efforts.

Every seller wants the deal to go with out any glitches and prefers to do a business with a reliable buyer. First step to prove your reliability is to arm yourself with the pre-approval letter from the mortgage agency. This official document is the reliable and strong proof that you do have sufficient funds to proceed with the deal and puts you almost at par with the cash buyer.

For a seller, along with the ascertaining the credibility of the buyer, adherence to their timeline is especially important. You must find out the seller’s timeline and align your mortgage with that schedule.

For a seller, his home is too precious to them, so touching the right emotional chords can effectively gravitate the deal your way. An effective way is to directly write a letter to the seller, indicating how much you value their prized possession and that you will leave no stone unturned to keep the house beautiful and special always.

If you are in touch with a reliable and experienced realtor like American Made Home Solutions then you will have a huge advantage as American Made Home Solutions will arm you with all the important information like insider knowledge, market pulse about the property and even aggressively bid on your behalf to ensure that you prevail over all the other buyers including cash buyers.