How to start investing in real estate in your 20s

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Blog

Investing in real estate, incredibly early in your career, could lay the foundation of a financially secure future.  It is much easier to save when you are young, single, earning a good amount and do not have many expenses. 

Lots of well earning young folks make a big mistake when they buy their first house, they start living in it.  Instead convert that newly acquired house into a rental property and see how an alternative source of income pays for your mortgage, your house rent and even utility bills. This will enable you to save more for another investment property in future and in a few years, you would have built a strong portfolio of investment properties.

Do not try to act as Mr. Know All after the first profitable acquisition. One wrong move in the future, due to your brazenness, could cause huge losses. You must seek out the experienced real estate investors, try to learn from them, their mistakes, and crucial tips. Under the tutelage of an experienced mentor, you will evolve faster on your way to become a successful real estate investor. 

Any investment is not possible without money. This money can only come through your savings or your knowledge of using other people’s money. Cultivate good spending habits when you are in your 20s. You must start to distinguish between your needs and wants. Focus on your needs, avoid getting tempted by your wants and you will end up saving a good amount every month. This continuous saving would accumulate in a few months to pay for the down payment of your first investment property.

Since you are in your 20s, time is on your side, which gives you a big advantage because time indeed is money. But it is only beneficial if you realize the value of the time and make optimum use of it while you are young. If you let the time in your hand wither away, you may be looking at the mirror at your older, wrinkled self, full of regrets. Utilize this time to make your plans for a secure financial future.

Networking is a crucial skill, that connects you with lots of other investors, potential customers, and realtors, some of whom could come in handy in your investment projects in future. To network effectively, you must look out for the local events like seminars, workshops, and open houses, attend them and connect proactively with the people attending those events.

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