How to sell your own home in Washington state

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If you are thinking of selling your own Washington home then you have two options, one getting it sold through a reputed realtor or you sell your Washington home on your own.

Realtors charge 6% commission for their services, which makes for a big amount if you look at the selling price of a well-furnished and beautiful house on the block, seeking to fetch the best price possible.

The process of selling your house on your own is popularly termed as for sale by owner(FSBO) and has grown to become very popular among homeowners, who want to save money by not paying commissions to realtors

You can also choose to sell your Washington home for cash with no commissions need to be paid.

Tips for selling your home on your own

How to understand the buyer’s preference in Washington

To be able to sell your house quickly, you need to understand what the buyers are looking for. Understanding buyer’s preference and positioning your house accordingly forms the crux of effective marketing and enhance your chances at selling your home faster.

Go to the websites like and to review the Washington homes that are currently listed, sold and lying unsold for a long time.

Especially look at the approach adopted by the houses that were sold swiftly, the description, photographs, and the price at which they were sold.

Also review the houses that are lying unsold for more than 3 months, the mistakes they made in marketing their property. It is always worthwhile to learn from the success and failures of other homeowners.

Apart from employing internet-based tools to do your research, you must visit showings in your neighbourhood masquerading as a buyer. Look at how well the realtors and owners are projecting their house. Learn from the impressive presentations and employ those techniques in future while staging your own home.

How to get your home ready to sell

Will you buy something that does not look pretty? This holds true for Washington houses on sale too. Always put yourself in the buyer shoes and look at your house critically to find out the shortcomings if any.

If there are holes and cracks at the walls, ceilings, get them filled with a nice patchwork. Ensure there are no leaky faucets, HVAC systems and other appliances are in perfect shape and working without any glitch.

Generally, homeowners paint the walls of the rooms with the colour of their choice. But While staging, this might go against as the prospective buyers while they review a home, they tend to imagine themselves living there. If they find colour of the walls not to their liking it might hamper with their entire visualization process. It is always better to paint the walls of the room with the neutral colours.

To help with their visualization process further, remove all the personal belongings and unnecessary clutter to make your entire house look very orderly, organized, and spacious.

How to list your property for sale as FSBO

There are quite a few cost effective and even free options to help you list your property to help you reach out to local prospective buyers and save lots of money on the realtor’s commission.

I mentioned and earlier. These two websites are extremely popular among home sellers, realtors, and buyers alike.  Fortunately, these websites also allow free for sale by owner (FSBO) listings. You can avail this feature of these renowned websites and list your property as Washington-based for sale by owners (FSBO).

Classified websites like craigslist must also be employed, as they let you list your property for free and thousands of prospective buyers based in Washington would be looking at your Washington home for sale.

Then there are flat free MLS companies that would list your Washington house for sale at a much lower price.

Understanding laws and rules in Washington.

Since you are not a professional realtor, you might not be well versed with the real estate laws in the Washington state. You must apprise yourself with all the important regulations that must be strictly adhered in every real estate transaction in the Washington state. Failing to comply with these laws, you may end up getting sued.

Most of these laws are amazingly simple to adhere. You must produce disclosures about any minor or major issues you house has, if lead paint was used anywhere or there are any major problems with the plumbing and electrical systems at house.

If you want to save on hefty realtor’s commissions, American Made Home Solutions can buy your house fast through an all-cash deal. You can call us on (360)386-7493

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