Find New Deals Without Spending A Dime

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

For a realtor, finding new deals without spending a dime is the biggest challenge because most of the lead generation services demand hefty subscription fee. In the absence of good leads, the business could slow down and even come to a standstill. To keep the leads coming, lots of realtors subscribe to expensive direct mail or lead generation services but they cost a lot and if you are not able to convert those leads then those non-productive leads could burn a big hole in your pocket.

But you can get the leads for free and we at American Made Home Solutions can help you, if you are willing to devote, which you must, some time regularly to do some due diligence. This is actually a process which involves some manual efforts and techniques that must be pursued regularly to drive the leads into your business.

These techniques are not difficult at all, an exciting mix of old marketing methods and new technology.

Talking of new technology, the most potent weapon to reach out to maximum people at a time is social media. There are millions of people interacting regularly through social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin. So if you get your social media game right, you are staring at a huge pool of potential home sellers who would love to a get an offer from you. First step to become a serious player in social media to is to create your business page, invite your friends, customers and acquaintances to like or subscribe to that page. We at American Made Home Solutions always strongly recommend that you must keep your subscribers engaged with interesting posts, information about your business.

This old manual way of finding leads still works like a dream. Driving around the town or neighborhood, looking at the houses that could be a potential add-on to your portfolio. Usually the houses carrying For Sale sign would be put up by another realtor, so you might not have much for you there. Instead go for the signs that says FSBO, which means that the owners would want to sell the property themselves and this could be an opportunity for you. Also look for vacant houses in bad condition, such houses are sold faster as the homeowners are highly motivated to sell and this is a great opportunity to work with investors like American Made Home Solutions..

Then there are harassed landlords who are having serious problems with their tenants or not being able to find the tenants because of investing in the wrong locality. Where not many people would want to live. These landlords would love to get ride of such house and walk away even with less or no profits. You can find rental listings on realty websites but you have to make some effort, contact the landlords and after some persistent efforts you may end up with a willing customer.

If you do not have the money to subscribe to those extremely convenient lead generation services, you can always do it on your own by using methods mentioned above and successfully employed by the American Made Home Solutions since quite some time and this is a great opportunity to work with investors like American Made Home Solutions. With hard work, a willingness to think outside the box, and consistency you may start generating and selling leads to other agents!.