Best neighborhoods in Seattle!

by Dec 2, 2019

Wallingford: This neighborhood, located between Lake union and Green lake, is one of the best places to live in Seattle. Wallingford is named after a rich landowner who owned almost the entire neighborhood. In the 1980s this area was merged with the Seattle and thus began the amazing story of its economic transformation that has reached its pinnacle now. In Wallingford, there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks. The public schools located here are renowned throughout Seattle. The hub of economic activity in this area is along the 45th street.


Central District: This is one of those places that saw unbelievable transformation, more than any other place in the city. This place consisted of deep ravine that was used as a dump and got transformed into six-block stretch of green space this place saw little economic activity when it came to buying and selling houses. But over a period its proximity to the prominent business hubs like Capitol Hill, First Hill and Madisson Valley was realized and thus began a burst of buying and building new inventory and new people started moving in. Now this place boasts of new and shiny apartments along with the old Victorian style homes.Central District is dotted with lots of eateries, eateries, restaurants and bars like Chuck’s Hop Shop, Union Coffee and squirrel Chops, Uncle Ike’s, to name a few.


North Admiral: This is the first neighborhood in the West Seattle to be officially acknowledged as one. This beautiful neighborhood is located on a hill offering scenic views of the Elliot Bay, Downtown Seattle, and the surrounding mountain ranges. This.neighborhood came into being when some of the first families settled down here in the 1800s and laid down the foundations of closely-knit community that it continues to be today. History continues to be alive and thrive through its gorgeous Single-family homes in Tudor-, Craftsman-, Colonial- and Victorian styles. The hub of all the business activity and entertainment in North Admiral is California Avenue, here you’ll find all its coffee shops restaurants, boutiques and toy stores.


Fremont: This neighborhood is strategically located at the centre of the city of Seattle North of downtown. Fremont is renowned world over for being the headquarters of global conglomerates like Adobe Systems, Google and Getty images. So, the presence of top notch restaurants, bars variety of homes and top-notch schools is a given. But it was hard to imagine the high profile status that this place acquired, around 40-60 years back, then this place was one of the neglected neighborhoods thronged mainly by students, artists because of low housing rents.